What is ph360 - Personalised health made easy

ph360 is the world’s first personalised health platform based on epigenetics. It uses 10,000 data points and 500 ratios to analyse your genetic expression so that it can tell you exactly how to use factors in your everyday life to get and stay healthy. 

The algorithm has been in the making for the past 20 years and uses a base of 15 different sciences to calculate your Personal Health Code.

 We’re seeing people lose weight and keep it off when they’ve never been able to before, be rid of digestive issues, and even the reversal of diabetes symptoms and chronic pain. 

All simply from finding out that Personal Health Code that is already inside your body and putting it into practice.




What is the Value?

ph360 is like a User Manual for your specific body. It is commonly known that environment and lifestyle affect the way your genes are expressed, which affects the way you look and feel. ph360 offers specific recommendations based on individual gene expression—like a User Manual for each person’s body.

How is it different?

We recognise that health, fitness, and nutrition are unique to each individual. ph360 is a personal health assessment tool that analyzes each person’s body measurements, health history, environment, and ancestry to provide recommendations for food, fitness, and lifestyle. The recommendations in ph360 are completely personalised for each individual’s well-being.

What is a Personal Health Code?

There are 6 health types in the ph360 circle.  Once you are assessed you fit somewhere on the 360 health circle and get an individualised platform just for you. Check them out below.

We can now decipher your Personal Health Code which is you body’s way of telling you exactly which factors your body needs in everyday life, like which foods and when to eat, how to exercise, what time to do your activities and how to release stress all to maintain a state of health. 

We’re finding people eat the right foods and more of it and lose weight, they change the time of day that they exercise and it reduces their stress.  All because that Personal Health Code that is already in your body can now be translated into practical, tangible action to take.

Here are the different health types and a little about each type.

A ph360 Personalized Health Coach

Do you want to find out your health type and get a personalised programme, specifically for you? I would love to help you with that. I am now a qualified ph360 Health Coach and here's what that means:

A ph360 trained health professional specialises in an integrated and completely personalised approach to health. By understanding the relationship between specific biomarkers on the human body with hormonal and genetic development, as well as advanced training in anthropometric assessment and phenotypology. A ph360 trained health professional is able to work alongside you, in a way that meets your unique needs, helping you to piece together and put into action, your very specific ph360 nutrition, exercise and lifestyle program. All tailored to your unique biology.

ph360 trained health professionals are the leading experts in personalised health and undertake continual development through the ph360 educational program to ensure they are up to speed and ahead of the game with the latest research and science in the personalised health space.  

Price for your personalised programme

What is included:

  • Initial 60 minute set-up and consultation including measuring, then explaining your results
  • 12 months access to your personalized platform
  • Two 60 minute in-person or zoom consultations to help with achieving your goals and accountability
  • Additional information from me about your health type
  • Continued support from me at any time via messaging or calling
  • Group support with people who are also your health type
  • Costs $510 NZD including everything above (2 or 3 instalment payment plan available on request)


The first 5 people that sign up get $50 off the full price of the programme.

Monthly Support

Additional to add to your experience
I would love to help you throuhgout your first 12 months experience on ph360. This option includes a 30 minute consultation with me every month for the remaining 11 months of the year. Doing this is an option to help you get long term results as I will give you continual support and help by keeping you accountable.  The total cost is $350 (giving you one consultation complementary). 

(Monthly or by-monthly payment available on request)