Hi, I am Julie from Julie M Fitness.  I started training people in 2006, firstly to help them achieve their running goals then I started to really focus on strengthening as I discovered the stronger you are, the easier running is and the less injuries you have.  

I have run over 25 half marathons, two full marathons, completed triathlon events, plus many other running distance events.  My goal is to help you work exercise and clean eating into your lifestyle so that they become a habit long term. 

I want to make a positive change to help people live a longer and healthier life with fitness, strength and less discomfort.

I support my clients unconditionally with fitness, strength, nutrition, sleep, and support through injuries so that my clients overall health is considered for holistic wellness. I also support my clients through persoanlised health, which is looking at your epigenetics, to bring out your genetic expresion to be the best verson of YOU that you can be.

My point of difference is the excellent service and communication with my clients. I look at the whole picture within your health, wellness and physical state, to give bring out the strongest, healthiest version of yourself that I can.  

I offer strength, cardio, high intensity interval training, running training, boxing and specialize in women's pre and postnatal exercise, parkinsons and MS clients.  Or if you have a running event you want to enter, I can coach you through to the finish line.

I have been training the Parkinson's and MS Group through The Studio Community Health and Fitness Centre since 2014, and Counterpunch Boxing in 2016. That has been a great experience for me as it's an honor to help people through this group.   The connections and community I have built up is such a pleasure to be amongst.