Rebecca - "I could barely run for 5 minutes straight and now I am training for a half marathon!"

Julie Mazur has been training me with my fitness regime for the past two years and I have found her to be an excellent motivator and very a professional trainer. She is always been available if I have had any question about my exercise and has had excellent communication with me about my program as she rings or meets with me to make sure everything is going well, this therefore helps me keep motivated with the program.

I was previously living in Australia and she had no problems writing me an exercise program and explaining how to do each exercise via phone/skype which makes her a dedicated trainer to her clients. She asks a lot of question about what you want to achieve with your fitness so she knows what exercise to give you which I found helped a lot as I was training for a fun run.

She gives good advice on other aspects also such as Nutrition and wellbeing which I found helped me in my training and also to shed the extra weight.

I have struggled with my weight my whole life as I have lost 45kg in the past 8 years. My weight always went up and down and Julie made me realise I needed to change my lifestyle with a good fitness routine and healthy nutrition rather than the fad diets.  When I first started training with Julie I could barely run for 5 minutes straight and now I am training for a half marathon.

She is constantly pushing me to better my fitness and always giving me a new program with a variety of different exercises which makes it fun and interesting to exercise.

I can recommend Julie Mazur unconditionally.